This is a solid food strike. If it was really a hunger strike he would ONLY consume water. Glad he is having fun playing homeless.
Whitten isn't going to eat until Duff tells the truth about where he's moving the Springfield Isotopes.
"woman biting a dog's leg"

sounds like he's hallucinating. someone get that boy a big mac, stat!
"I feel like a hundred bagels!"

I would have also accepted "I can count to potato!".
What "results " are those? I have heard he is pissed off at the lack of attention. Is he doing this for a concrete reason or for media attention?
Are those Tea Partiers walking by with boxes of Voodoo doughnuts every five minutes real? Or hallucinations?
Iceprez, have you researched hunger strikes? Even wikipedia acknowledges that most hunger strikes take liquis, but no food.

And read this article too, before you start judging this hunger strike.…

I challenge you try a 'solid food' strike for 10 days, and see how you survive.

@8- Ahh yes, wikipedia. No false info over there. Also, I fought in a fucking war where it was not too uncommon to go for a week or more on 1200 calories a day and virtually no sleep. I can bet that I would do just fine sipping juice boxes while sitting on a streetcorner in Portland. Nobody is judging anything, but liquids other than water have calories. This is not a hunger strike until he only consumes water.
This is more like a medifast strike, which is no small thing. That's shit is gross.
"I fought in a fucking war . . . " *slow clap*
"I fought in a fucking war"

Awesome, you got tricked by the establishment into supporting US Imperialism, hegemony, & theft of another sovereign country's natural resources.
That's not all I got. I hold a degree with ZERO debt to go with it.

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