"Obama had promised while visiting the plant in 2008 that it would stay open for 100 years."

That is part of the article Paul Constant provided. So was Obama lying to get elected? Or was this just one more broken promise?

And still no mention of Mia Love? How her Wiki page was vandalized with hate speech? Of course not. That isn't newsworthy at all.

This article is obviously biased and really without facts to back up the claims that Ryan lied anywhere.

Hey @stjohnsrules, here's some facts to back up the lying claims...…
Hey Paul: "Domestically, TNR as of 2011 supports a largely modern liberal stance on fiscal and social issues."

You think I'm going to believe a biased media outlet? Try again. Try to include a link for a media outlet that is fair to both sides. I don't need to be told by liberal pimps how to think.
Whatever. Facts are facts, man.
Does this work for you SJR?…
They may try to say they're all fair and balanced, but everyone knows Fox News is really a liberal biased media outlet.
Shit. I've never seen SJR at a loss for words. Did his head explode?
SJR just sharted his jorts.
Do me a quick favor, Paul, and click on Sally Kohn's name at the top of the article and see where it gets you. All I saw were entries that were pro-Obama with nearly one exception. I certainly won't read them all as the headlines are clear in their intention. She is an admitted Democrat and obviously very biased in her views. I'd prefer you include a link to at least one independent, unbiased source of information instead of providing these types of articles.

I'm an Independent voter. I also have a very good bullshit meter. If the Pubs are being lying bastards, I will call them on it. Nothing that you have provided to me indicates in a tangible form that Ryan lied about anything. Instead, you offered spin-heavy articles that only serve to misrepresent a party and their leaders who aspire to change our economy and assist us all in rolling back these overbearing restrictions that have led to a terrible economy. Like The Affordable Care Act. Dodd/Frank. We don't need more regulations to guide us. We don't need dictators so hungry for power that our country falls into financial insolvency and potential ruin for the next generation. We need to allow dishonest people, both in the public and private sector, to fail and move on. Employing distortions (on either side) won't win this election. Providing biased media articles won't lead to unity. What will work is leadership and compromise. We need to create a climate of personal responsibility, not a socialized theme that has never worked in the history of mankind.

Mitt Romney is a good man who has earned his success in the private sector. He knows all about money. Obama is a career politician only interested in liberal causes, which have pretty much failed us all. Want more votes? Flip-flop on the definition of marriage. Circumvent Congress and pass your own Dream Act. Don't condemn Biden for saying Romney and Ryan are going to "put y'all back in chains". Divide and conquer. And there is more to come.

If I thought for one minute that Pubs hated women, were racist and hate gay people on their way to fattening their own wallets for the elite, then I would never get behind them. I see past the distortions and the attempt to divide people among classes. I see past the innuendo. What I have left to help make the most informed decision I can is unbiased reality. That is why I will vote for Romney.
SJR - do you think the drop in credit rating was due to Obama, as Ryan implied?
Okay, okay, I'll bite. It may be true that the factory in WI is essentially "asleep," so no lie there right? And, you know, "it was probably untrue for ryan to say Obama 'did nothing but dodge and demagogue this issue...'" Not sure how you declare unbiased, but even conservative fox reporters are maybe, just slightly, partially admitting that there may have been some untruths last night.…

Alright, who's ready for a few more cantos from The Faery Queene? Anyone? No?
Markj: I believe both Obama AND Pubs were responsible for the downgrade. However, it happened under the leadership of Obama. What a great leader does is work with the other side and compromise on tough issues. People are surely free to condemn Pubs for stubbornly refusing to budge and the same could be said for the President. Does that make Ryan a liar? Hardly. S&P has their opinion on it and that's fine. That doesn't mean it is entirely factually sound nor does it absolve Obama completely from any real responsibility on the matter.

This is good article from USA Today. I think it well reflects the state of affairs around the time of the downgrade. As far as the continued gridlock goes, hopefully it will all end after November.
SJR, you would have to be mentally ill to continue your denial.

ABC News:…

Washington Post:…

The Chicago Tribune:…

CBS News:…
"SJR, you would have to be mentally ill to continue your denial."
Oh, and what was that about Mitt Romney being a good man who earned his success?…
glitch: This came directly from the Fox News article you provided:

"However, nothing Ryan said in his speech about the plant was factually untrue."

D&W: All liberal-biased news outlets and hardly a good source of information. Pardon me if I don't click on your links but that is simply because you have consistently attacked me here because you disagree with me on issues we all face. I don't know you personally but the manner in which you have conducted yourself toward me has been hostile and dishonest, to say the least. I don't believe you are without hope, but you really need to come at me respectfully or I will never take you seriously and likely ignore from here on out. Try going beyond pasting links to people that have an actual opinion on the matter and form your own using different sources of information. Then post it here for everyone to see. If you can't manage that then I won't engage you anymore.
For all of you who are unclear about what a lie is, please enjoy:

Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager, no less.
Youtube is a well-known conservative-biased website and that video has no credibility.
SJR, since you say 'I see past the distortions and the attempt to divide people among classes. I see past the innuendo. What I have left to help make the most informed decision I can is unbiased reality.' and since you regard most major city newspapers and national TV networks as biased, I'm very curious about what you regard as truly unbiased since you have clearly stated many times over that you are an independent voter. Could you please name 10 media sources that you consider free of all of the lies/bias/etc.? Just the names/links--really don't need any justification or explanation here. Just very curious about the tools you use to see 'unbiased reality' in the American political landscape.

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