Jefferson got more text votes because Charlie took an unequivocal position in favor of flouridation.
Rowdy hooligans tried to upstage the event. Ms. Mirk, you handled'em!
When the candidates started pulling written questions from the basket, I saw Smith pick up mine, a foldedm large, white piece of paper and I hollered out loud "YES, THAT ONE!" Smith looked up at me with raised eyebrows. "YES, THAT ONE! I DARE YOU!" Darn, he didn't read it :) My question read...

...Mr. Hales, this is a question about your view of the role that active transportation modes play among what you have called "core basic" city services... In March of this year, you responded in writing to KATU TV's candidate questionnaire. One of your campaign's written responses reads: Bike lanes are needed so that we can provide efficient and inexpensive transportation choices, but not at the expense of other basic city services that need attention as well. You can count on me to bring that focus back to our city....…

I was dying to hear Smith read my question to Hales, who had just a few minutes earlier replied to another question that, no, his repeated use of the term "basic services" was not code for "roads first and bikes second".
"is your wife a scientist?"

Once we got back to issues now that the summer media "pedestal smashing" of the candidates is over, I think it's pretty clear that Smith's positions resonate with most folks better. CRC, tax breaks to developers and skinny-infill without basic infrastructure is not where Portland wants to go.
@Craig: I'm not sure why you're beating Hales up for the same thing Smith does.

Both of them have used the phrase "basic services" and I believe both have used it as a way to pander to the bike haters out there.

That was my question, by the way. I thought they both made a pretty good stab at an answer, and both made a strong verbal commitment to support for bike infrastructure.

In their typical style, Jefferson's answer was more meandering while Charlie's was more specific. The major difference was that the panelist reading the question allowed Jefferson to do his meandering answer thing all day long, then interrupted Charlie multiple times.

I wish my question was simply read verbatim (it was not) and without editorial comment from a pro-Smith panelist. After all, he had all night to ask whatever he wanted and this segment was supposed to be for the public's questions.
Most annoying audience ever. That video was basically unwatchable due to everyone in the audience yelling shit out trying to outsmart the candidates.
Beating him up? No. Just asking him to be accountable now for things he said back then when he had to contend with Brady for conservative votes in the primary.
Seriously guys would it have been that hard to ask the neckbeards in the audience quit yelling out shit the entire time?

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