"Some people fear bankruptcy so much that they ignore symptoms and resist getting treatment until it's too late."

How are people going to avoid bankruptcy if they don't have a job? Obama has these pipe dream "green jobs" that don't really pan out and waste taxpayer money.

How is that going to change in four more years? Answer: It will only get worse.

Romney can get our economy going again. Then people can afford their own healthcare. If you're too lazy to pay for your own shit, that is YOUR fault. You don't need to dependent on the government for everything. Depend on yourself and be responsible and work hard and things will be just fine. Depend on the government and regulations that don't work and the entire health care industry will be in chaos.

Slamming Romney is just plain stupid at this point. People have opened their eyes. Obama is a very charismatic man that cannot fathom how to fix the economy. Time for action and time for change.
Well, ok, what he's saying is technically true. The ambulance won't refuse to pick you up and the doctors won't refuse to restart your heart because you don't have insurance. He never said anything about people getting bankrupted by medical bills or dying from conditions that could have been prevented but weren't.

His statement reflects the Republican belief about the minimum level of health care that should be provided to people in this country: not leaving you to die. If you don't want that heart disease or diabetes or cancer in the first place, though, you're out of luck.
@SJR, I love the idea that you think you're being persuasive.

I thought you hated lying liars who lie?

Also, fuck your mother, asshole.
Ringing up your own likes doesn't make you right, Community Colon. Also, I noticed you don't have anything relevant to say. Just another stupid, baseless attack. Tell me, how is that working for your candidate?

I think it's funny that people follow other people around here with whom they disagree. It just goes to show how unbalanced liberals have become. They have to resort to negative attacks on strangers in an effort to gain some sort of street cred attention here. You know who you are and you are terribly common these days. Be original for fuck's sake. The only people who like sheep are shepherds who are raising them for eventual slaughter.

Fuckity fuckin' fuck, man. Just because you say fuck doesn't make you hip or cool or relevant. It's all about the context, Holmes. Recognize.

I know why you fuckers hate me and I think it's funny. The humor I find in your petty attacks stems from the fact that you people think you are actually doing society a favor by attacking others. Really? When has that ever worked? Coming from self-described "peace"-ful people, I'm literally roflwsmp. What you idiots are preaching and repeating is pure, unadulterated bullshit. When you start believing that "Romney is evil and is going to widen the income gap in America", did you know under Obama's Administration, the income gap has widened even further?

Here's from the liberal Huff Post, just in case a few of you useless jackasses dare to challenge my assertion:…

I thought Obama had the answer? WTF is going ON?

Now that is style, people. That's how it's motherfuckin' done. It's called a burn and I think some of you may need a little aloe.

And quit preachin' bullshit.
You have legitimate mental problems, SJR. I mean this with compassion, please seek a therapist.
SJR, you sir, are a ignorant bitch. That claim is not "baseless" as evidenced by your idiotic daily posts for the past few months. To be honest, I have been meaning to get around to telling you that for some time and I apologize for the delay. Additionally, I also have no sympathy for your complaints about "attacks on strangers" (Incidently, when did conservatives turn into such a bunch of FUCKING pussies?). What I think you really meant to say was "attacks on trolls". Finally, you should take St. Johns out of your screen name as it discredits your otherwise fine neighborhood. Go back to trolling the O and bitching about PERS.
I'm beginning to wonder if SJR is just ten years old (physically and/or emotionally) and loves to taunt people from behind his screen. Usually a sign of emotional problems and perhaps a little "daddy touched me there". (burn?)
Myr essoew wrioggely beeborp a loro pingadoo!!

Sorry guys, I"m mega waaaasted piss drunk from playing SJR bingo. My Center Squarre is callED "contradictz self from one sentence to the NExt!" What's it calle d whens u fill up yr WHoLE caRD in One POST????!!! BWAAAHHHH
Awwwwww....people getting mad at the truth. Sucks to be you. And you.... and especially YOU.

I'm not taunting anyone that isn't following me around to begin with. Anyone half-wit can tell I'm intelligent and I tell the truth. Now you have your little gang of haters like you're the fucking "Warriors" or something. I notice none of you can say anything beyond "you're an idiot....fuckwit....dick....etc". That is because you really don't have anything valuable to say. Instead, you spend your time trolling these forums looking for someone to pick on ( as long as it's a group thing because in real life, that's how you roll.) and do so with religious fervor.

And you have the nerve to call me a troll. What a crock. Pile it on, boys. Dogpile, indeed.

I respond to the far-left columnists like Paul Constant for a reason. It's funny to see the reactions from those who think that this forum is somehow a circle jerk for their ideals and when those ideals are tested and properly critiqued, well, fuuuuuuuuuck that.

Whatever. I know who you fuckers really are and I'm really not impressed. Bored is more like it. Portland used to be diverse. Now it's just full of pretentious assholes trying to be relevant so that girl at Stumptown will smile at them when they order their fourth mochacino of the day.

Kinda pathetic, really.
SUmthigns sumthing Paul Constaint! Nows my SECONd card is supa fillded up! now i needs anusther Racko Shclitz BUll ICE! BoomBOOMcHAA!!
It's not just people being afraid of going bankrupt. It's not being able to pay for doctor's visits and treatments on low wages -- having to choose between treatment or food and rent. The order of magnitude of avoidable deaths caused by lack of ability to pay what is charged (for which lack of insurance is a proxy) is tens of thousands per year. The most commonly cited figure is 45,000 per year, probably up to 50,000 due to high unemployment, though some question the methods in ways that might cut that in half. Still, it's roughly comparable to the numbers who die in car crashes each year.

SJR, you fit a pattern of right wing commentators who like to pat themselves on the back a lot. Your intelligence is wasted and self-praise is actually not a very persuasive argument. Nor is gross overgeneralization with obviously untrue statements that conflate a wide spectrum of center left to liberal to left perspectives. It's no truer than if I were to say there's no difference between Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and David Duke. Your self-praise for truth-telling is undeserved and reveals the likely quality of the rest of your judgments.

Romney is intellectually dishonest. Or, as my brother said about this particular quote: What a dumbass.

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