Somehow this man gets sexier and sexier then he was 20 years ago when in office..
Say, didn't William Jefferson Blythe III.....Bill Governor of Arkansas do everything in his power to forestall, under-fund, and interfere with any attempts to investigate allegations of CIA drug running at the Mena airport?

Didn't Bill Clinton admit he attended the 1991 Bilderberg Meeting shortly before he became president?

As the president, didn't Bill Clinton help pass all those trade agreements like NAFTA, GATT, and open trade with China that resulted in the massive off shoring US jobs?

And nobody died when Clinton lied...except in Somalia, Iraq (through sanctions) and Yugoslavia.

Didn't Bill Clinton, through his foundation, donate to post- earthquake Haiti a bunch of mold plagued, shoddy hurricane shelters built by the same company that is being sued for providing formeldahyde-laced trailers to displaced residents after Hurricane Katrina?
This video would have been so much better without that damn xylophone banging away in the background!

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