Last week, a surprise Hillary Clinton campaign event was announced with actress Kristen Schaal, known for her roles in TV shows like Last Man On Earth and Flight of the Conchords. She’s most loved by me, a 30-year-old woman, for her voice work on animated shows like Bob’s Burgers and BoJack Horseman.

On Saturday afternoon, I walked over to Mission Theater to hear Schaal speak. A crowd of between 40-50 folks mingled, listening to the official Hillary 2016 Spotify playlist while we waited for Schaal. She spoke briefly, sharing her thoughts on a potential Trump presidency and why people need to STFU about Hillary’s voice, before sticking around to take photos with everyone who came out.

Here are some of the highlights:

On President Trump:
“If Trump is our president, I feel like we can easily imagine Bip’s Empire from Back To The Future 2. I can also see a worse picture if he gets elected, which is the country is gonna be divided deeper and the stress is gonna grow. Trump wants to profile all Muslims. It doesn’t make any sense. If we’re gonna go down that road, the majority of shooters in mass shootings are white males, so we should probably profile white males.”

On Hillary’s voice:
“During a Larry King interview, I was caught off-guard when Larry mentioned he hated Hillary Clinton’s voice. She’s consistently criticized for her voice. As a voice actress, with this voice, I am hyper aware of people’s voices. I’ve never noticed anything out-of-the-ordinary about hers. She sounds like the majority of women. And maybe that’s the pitch that’s grating on people. It’s the first time that they have heard a woman speaking from this particular position of authority. Since this country’s conception, you’ve only heard a man’s voice, and it sounds different. Well, my friends, it’s a refreshing sound to me, and it’s a voice that needs to be heard. We need to get louder.”

On Bernie-or-Busters:
“We are not gonna change the minds of people voting for Trump. Let them go. The people we need to shout out to are the young people who don’t realize yet how important this election is. The Bernie fans that are abstaining or third-partying, talk to them. They come from a place of wanting what’s good for their country, but I think their bitterness is sort of clouding the big picture for them. We all love Bernie, but you gotta vote for Hillary.”

On the New York Times’ endorsement of Clinton that morning:
“It says something that’s so important, which is that Hillary Clinton is so much more of a candidate than simply NOT a Donald Trump. So why is she not running away with the election? [laughs] Okay, well I’m gonna hit you over the head with that right now: As a country, we have dragged our feet about giving women power. It’s been less than a hundred years since we’ve been given the right to vote. Women get a mere 5 percent of CEO jobs in America out of the 500. Women get paid less than men for doing the same work. Women’s choices about their bodies are being challenged in the highest courts. Planned Parenthood is demonized. Thousands of rape kits go untested. Only three out of 100 rapists will spend a day in prison. Forty states in this country tax tampons as a luxury item. I don’t know about you, but I think if we all get together and just collectively stopped wearing them in public, maybe we would get paid to wear tampons. Just a theory.”

On gender reversals in this election:
“It’s still not a cakewalk to be woman in the United States in 2016. And Hillary Clinton has been under the microscope for decades, but some people still don’t trust her—why? I think it’s because people are suspicious that a woman has made it this far. Imagine if Mr. Trump were a Mrs. Trump. Can you imagine if a Mrs. Trump spouted all of the things he has said? We never would have seen her go this far. Imagine now if Hillary were a man, with her resume and her loyalty to her family and her absolutely Presidential demeanor during the Senate Benghazi hearings. I do not think that the polls would be this close.”

On gun control:
“I’m tired of being timid about issues that are important to me, and issues that are taking the lives of people in this country, particularly gun control. And anyone who can live in a time where children can get mowed down with a semi-automatic rifle, and their first reaction is to protect that weapon, is crazy. We need to be louder. After Sandy Hook, we should have lost our frickin’ minds. And Hillary Clinton has a terrible, awful score with the NRA—they are not fans of hers, and that just intensifies my girl crush on her.”

In closing, Schaal said she believes Clinton will be one of our best presidents.

“She’s a badass individual,” said Schaal. “There’s a constant cloud of sexism in this country that we’re honestly just getting used to, but she is the best candidate, she is the most qualified, and she will change so much. Don’t be afraid to be a big old Clinton-head. Be proud of it.”