Why all the hate towards Russia? Sure Putin can be authoritarian.
But how many countries has Russia invaded in the last 15 years?
Now now many has the USA invaded in the last 15 years?
You may want to reconsider who is the real aggressor on the world stage.

Would you rather have peace with Russia? Or would you rather start a war with Russia over Syria? Oh yeah, why are supporting radical Islamic groups affiliated with al-Queda (aka terrorists) to overthrow the government of Syria anyway? Did Syria have anything to do with 9/11? Answer: No. Were they a threat to the USA? Answer: No. Hmmm.....

Just because Obama is a democrat doesn't mean his foreign policy isn't as fraudulent as George Bush's.
Nick War: a foreign government interfering in and influencing a presidential campaign WITH the participation of one of the candidates is just A-OK with you?

Trump denied any contact with the Russians in October, and now he's caught in yet ANOTHER lie. But you righties are just totally fine with whatever your dear leader does... the very definition of sheep.

Pivot all you want... but you can't deny that Trump is a traitor.
Articles like this just serve as cheap propaganda for the American people. You act as if Americans aren't allowed to talk to Russians or do business with them. Of course there has been a lot of real estate purchased by Russians on the east coast since the dems made it possible. The Trumps are in the real estate business!! It is crucial that our societies coexist even if we have different ideals. We both have a terorist problem and can combine our resources to contain the problem. The last time we both had the same problem and were able to coexist we beat the Nazis. The United States could have never beat the Nazis without the Soviet Union. By the way, the German people supported the Nazis because of cheap propaganda just like this. History always repeats itself and we all forget so easily.

Stop demonizing the Russians!!

Yin and Yang / opposing forces working together towards a common goal, (coexist)
Humphrey says about Russia, "a government that invaded the Ukraine, bombed Syria, jailed dissidents, and works tirelessly to silence its own press. If that isn't chilling, I really don't know what is."

How about a government that destroyed Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, AND Syria, jailed dissidents, and works tirelessly to silence its own press? You don't think that is terrifying? Your shit is laughable Humphrey.
Dissension in the FBI leaked that shit to Wikileaks, not the Russians. Whoever did it, quit blaming the messenger for the establishment's corruption.
When did Senator Merkley change his name to Ron?

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