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"Measure 26-219 would give our city council the authority to use money thatโ€™s solely allocated to supplying water, and apply it to fun uses for Water Bureau land surrounding that water."

Lol, that sounds like an awful idea.


Re preschool funding measure, why don't you include some details on how it will be "funded" (ie, taxed)?
"Re [measure] "yes" vote supports establishing a tuition-free preschool program; imposing an additional 1.5% income tax on households with income over $200,000 and an additional 3% income tax on households with income over $400,000; and increasing the additional rate for households with income over $200,000 to 2.3% in 2026."
This will be the highest (between state and local) income tax in the country.
Let's see how fast high-income owners move out of [and stop moving into] Portland, and investors avoid it.
It it's so important, why shouldn't all taxpayers pay for it?
Plus, have you looked at the crappy results of the current State of Oregon K-12 public education system?

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