The Mercury’s 2020 General Election Cheat Sheet



Reasons to vote out Ted Wheeler start with his deference to any development. The City Bureau of development services bends over backwards to approve over-large or out-of-context tower and apartment blocks; a departure from historic building patterns and standards. Development on the Barbur Blvd MAX project will replace 5 miles of mature street trees and forest canopy with hideous tall buttress wall and more lanes of asphalt, faster traffic speeds and worse crosswalks. RoseQ I-5 is a similar "widening" that ODOT thinks we need but won't admit it's a terrible design..Ted said put I-5 in a tunnel not because he thinks it's possible, but because he sees property speculation. Ted's solutions to homeless crisis come with million dollar price tags for institutionalized settings most homeless would rather avoid. Simpler solutions are humiliating in other ways. Ted does not love Portland.


The Merc was lazy re: Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read and his antagonism toward socially conscious investing. He has the worst record of any blue state treasurer. For instance, California sold private prison stocks while Read poured more money into them. Plus, he has been a wimp on grappling with tough funding issues and has a mediocre investment record. There is actually noone to vote for OST. Read will win, but do not encourage him.