REMINDER! We've got a biiiiiig election coming up THIS TUESDAY, MAY 17—and this time around it's especially important for you to fill out that ballot! A wave of extreme conservatism is washing across the nation, as well as Oregon, and candidates are lining up to roll back the social justice progress we've made over the past few years. Even here in Portland, groups like the Portland Business Alliance, People for Portland, and the local police union are pushing hard to put (and keep) their people in power. Do you want your city to be run by wealthy real estate developers and a police department that refuses to address its own systemic racism and violent activities? Because we're very close to seeing that happen.

That's why it's CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for you to vote in this primary election—and if you need help? The Mercury is here to help you fill out that ballot fast with our ELECTION CHEAT SHEET... and if you really want to dive into our decisions? Read all of the Mercury's endorsements here!

We spent months doing the hard research and interviews necessary to make these endorsements, and it's a job we take very seriously. And we did this on top of our regular reporting duties. Since we now live in a time when advertising alone can no longer support local journalism, we need your help and support. If our Mercury endorsements and cheat sheet are helpful to you, please help us by dropping off a small monetary tip or, better yet, become a regular contributor to the Mercury. We love looking out for you and the Portlanders whose voices need to be heard. So please be a doll, and help us to keep working hard for you!

Again, this very important election is going down THIS COMING TUESDAY, MAY 17—so grab those Mercury endorsements and let's get VOTING!