Emily Kingan
From City Bikes Annex
1914 SE Ankeny

Like so many fun things, being an urban bicyclist is a little frightening. You need more than just your middle finger to protect yourself! Emily has some ideas to keep you visible and intact:

- Lights: "A white front light and a red rear light. If you have a red front light, people think you're backing into them."

- Reflective tape/reflectors: "On your bag, your clothes, your bike."

- Loud outfits: "i.e. The Cat In The Hat hat or just bright colors."

- White, bulbous helmet: "Big, Styrofoam, chunky thing on your head."

- Tall bike w/political flags: "You'll see a lot of people from City Bikes riding these."

Liam Drain
From Liberty Northwest Insurance Corp.
600 NE Holladay

Liam is an asset to his company, upwardly mobile, productive, and efficient. After that, he likes to snuggle up with some beers and watch movies. Like these ones:

- Barton Fink (1991): "A playwright who has pretentious notions about theater gets offered money to write a wrestling movie. It seems like it's about something different every time I've seen it."

- Do The Right Thing (1989): "These race riots happen; It's morally ambiguous and real life."

- Wild At Heart (1990): "A guy named Sailor and his girl Lula are trying to escape Lula's rich mother. It's the most romantic movie ever made."

- Dawn Of The Dead (1978): "People get trapped in a shopping mall and attacked by zombiesÉ kind of how it is at the mall."

- Akira (1988): A post-apocalyptic cartoon, and it's fuckin' super complicated. My dad took me to see it when I was little."