Rob Delevere
From Hard Times
311 NW Broadway

In between shrink wrapping videos and keeping cock rings in stock, Rob sees lots of porn. And, since the selection can be pretty overwhelming, he's tipped us off to the latest and best in every genre:

- Disturbed (lesbian): "Lots of nice strap- on anal sex and dildo blowjobs--five stars."

- Euro Girls Never Say No (straight): "Very well shot, lots of hot chicks with gaping assholes, and Michelle Wild is super fucking hot, and there is also a good double anal scene."

- Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 6 (tranny): "The scene with Rafaela is by far the best. I actually think he thinks he's a chick."

- Sex Garage (bi-sexual): "Whether you can or can't make up your mind on what you want (male or female), you can't go wrong with nasty garage sex--boy on girl, boy on boy, and boy on boy on girl."

- Skuff II: Down And Dirty (gay): "Nothing like a good movie with lots of hairy ass-play and fisting. A good video to watch and jack off to and stick stuff in your ass."

Brett Jarolimek
From Art Media
902 SW Yamhill

There's tons of fun things to do inside when it's icky outside--besides watch TV. Here're Brett's suggestions for craft projects:

- Scratch boards: "All it is, is a black and white surface, you scratch away the black, and it reveals the white surface. It almost looks like a print."

- Scrapbooking/photo albums: "We have a huge aisle dedicated to just markers, so you can put photographs together and label and organize them."

- Acrylics: "They're non-toxic, and there's not a lot of cleanup."

- Collage: "We have over 300 different kinds of paper in different colors, patterns and textures."

- Mannequins: "If you lack any kind of creative motivation, you can just play with one of our mannequins. You can paint them."