Emee Pumarega
From The Bridal Loft
2808 NE MLK

Seems like everyone spends at least some of their young adult life swearing they'll never marry. Have you or a friend caved? Here are Emee's tips to get through wedding season:

Guest Etiquette: "The time on the invitation is when the wedding party starts walking down the aisle, not when you should be pulling up and looking for a parking space."

Music: "Check the lyrics before picking a song for thae first dance. Some songs sound great in theory but on further inspection turn out to be real downers."

Grooms: "Skip the stripper thing and take the guys out for a swanky bachelor party instead. Some of my favorite places are Touch, Rock Bottom Brewery, and Uptown Billiards Club."

Wedding Party Gifts: "How about an engraved iPod mini for your bridesmaids? For the men, how about a Leatherman multi-tool? Way more useful than cuff links."

Pippa Possible
From Decades Vintage Company
328 SW Stark St While working for Decades and dreaming up her Dr. Who-themed wedding, Pippa often turns to her favorite fashionista films for marital inspiration:

Mata Hari (1931): "Garbo in some of the most exquisitely ridiculous head ornaments ever!"

Women In Love (1969): "Based on the D.H. Lawrence novel, Alan Bates and Glenda Jackson go traipsing about in gorgeous early 20th Century garb."

So Fine (1981): "Ryan O'Neal running around in buttless pants--how could you go wrong? Plus there is a very surreal buttless pants dance scene making the entire movie worth it."

Corvette Summer (1978): "Mark Hamill races his car to Vegas and meets Annie Potts, a real cute prostitute with mad street style and an amazing van."