Craig Roylance
From Bike N' Hike
400 SE Grand

So you're lardy and hating yourself after a winter of inebriation hibernation. We feel for you, and have asked Craig to point out some easy, rookie hiking spots. Because parking a block away from the Towne Lounge is not a form of cardio:

Horsetail Falls (in the Gorge): "You can't ride your bike there, but the falls are perfect for making out. Great for sunrises."

Hagg Lake (30 minutes west of downtown): "If you just want to picnic or bike, it's friendly to both. It's got rolling hills, nothing super steep."

Punchbowl Falls (Gorge): "You avoid the Multnomah Falls crowds with tons of gorgeous greenery. It's an easy 15 minutes to get to the falls, but you can continue forever if you're feeling courageous."

Timothy Lake (near Mt. Hood): "If you bike, you can go on easy or difficult paths. You can actually swim and fish in the lake. I wouldn't skinny dip until summer, though."

Jim Wygant
From Title Wave Books
216 NE Knott

Title Wave Books salvages old books, recycling or reselling them at rock bottom bargain prices. If you don't know what to pick, just ask Jim, who is like a quirky, cool walking history book:

The Flashman series by George Fraser: "Historical novels based on real events where the main character is totally incompetent. Very humorous."

Dark Star by Alan Furst: "He's got a series of novels that take place right before WWII about common people getting caught up in dangerous circumstances. Like the Patriot Act gone wild."

Thunder at Twilight by Frederic Morton: "Really great nonfiction that follows many different people, including Hitler and Freud, before WWI."

The Wine-Dark Sea by Patrick O'Brian: "The series that this book is a part of is what the movie Master and Commander is based on… except the books are good."