Scott Phillips
From Borders, Perrin & Norrander

Even if he weren't part of the arty team behind the ad agency that does Oregon Lotto and Colombia Sportswear commercials, we'd still ask him to give us his fashion advice. Now listen:

Don't pop your collar: "Some people call it a 'confidence collar.' I call it a flamboyant distraction."

Don't wear unfitted sunglasses: "Like the giant '60s kind. It makes girls look like bugs and guys look like duds."

Don't spend too much time: "Fashion is like an art form--if you spend too much time it looks overworked."

Don't shave: "Guys, this applies to your faces, ladies this applies to your underarms. The laidback urban Jesus look has totally reincarnated."

Don't wear embroidered clothing: "Like pink stitching with birds and deer, or skulls and grenades on guys' blazers--that sort of thing."

Natalie Barela
From Adam Arnold Designs

Seamstress Natalie takes an average of three hours to find an acceptable clothing item, so perhaps she knows what she's talking about (unlike the rest of us, who make a 15-minute stop at Red Light and call it a day):

Do go '70s: "Girls with Farrah-feathered hair and chunky jewelry from the earth, and guys rocking bell-bottoms and long, messy hair."

Do shop locally: "Not only do they have the most interesting items but you're supporting your local economy and encouraging Portland to be more fashion forward. Check out The English Dept."

Do wear gauchos: "It's the skirt/pant/capri thing that hits right past the knee. You can wear them in summer with flats or in the fall with boots."

Do drop money on shoes: "It's worth it to put down some dough on leather shoes or colorful sneakers."

Do mix styles: "Even if you're part of a scene, don't adopt every single thing about it."