Kathy Chambers, RN
Westover Heights Clinic

For top-of-the-line testing and quick appointments, this place is the Ritz of STD clinics. This is info Nurse Kathy wants you to know before taking that hot boy home from the next party:

Genital warts eventually clear: "It takes about two years. This is fairly new information, but not generally known."

Things condoms can't prevent: "You can still get genital herpes type I and II, and genital warts."

Moral of oral: "Certain STDs can be passed through oral to genital, such as NGU in men and MPC in women. Also, women are more likely to get STDs from a man than a man from a woman."

Quicker HIV test: "Now they can detect the antibody within six weeks!"

Biggest herpes myth: "Just because you or your partner aren't having an outbreak doesn't mean you can't get it."

It's mental: "Many issues related to STDs are the mindset and stigma attached to them. Your partner's probably more understanding than you'd think."


Jennifer Heigl
From Zen Kitchen

Jennifer got into the party biz by throwing 'em for her dolls, and now she throws 'em for real people! She has experienced tips for your next dinner party:

Cooper Mountain Vineyards wine: "It's really reasonably priced and the taste is exquisite. The Reserve Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are my favorite."

Brie: "If you promised a fancy dinner but were too busy, try baked brie. Choose a triple-cream French brie and wrap it with pastry dough."

Club soda: "Works great as a drink mix, and for friends who spill things."

Mind your invites: "Notify a month in advance for serious parties, and a week for casual events. Stay away from email. People appreciate handwritten invitations."

Be ready for pickiness: "But don't punish the whole party because one person's vegan. Make sure at least one item fits their diet."