Hillary Lieberman
From Gotham Building Tavern
2240 N Interstate

Hillary's a twin (see her sister Heidi's picks below)—although tattoos and hair bleach make pulling a date switch near impossible for these two! These are her favorite twin-themed things:

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975): "It's a story about young coed twins who have supernatural powers, and they have to evade evil people trying to steal their force."

www.twinsworld.com: "A wonderful place for show moms to get information on how to exploit their li'l deuces! A mishmash of dumb jokes and talent agencies that are fun to laugh at, not with."

Twins Restaurant: "The twin concept taken to an extreme—the owners call it 'twinergy.' If you're in NY, this diner has 37 sets of identical twins serving at any given time."

Twin Rock: "There's nothing wrong with exploiting your 'twinergy' to get fans. My faves are Blonde Redhead, Nelson (of course), and the Shangri-Las."

Heidi Lieberman
From ¿Por Que No? Taqueria
3524 N Mississippi

Since her sister has the twin theme covered, Heidi shows she's an individual by picking a hobby all her own: Sailing. Here are her favorite nautical things:

Knife in the Water (1962): "This black-and-white film may have you thinking twice before picking up a hitchhiker and taking him sailing."

Island Sailing Club (515 NE Tomahawk Island, www.islandsailingclub.com): "What's better than sailing the mighty Columbia while taking instruction from a hot, young sailor?"

The Horse Brass Pub (4534 SE Belmont): "After a long day of sailing, there's nothing I crave more than some salty fish 'n' chips."

Philo House Thrift Store (2724 E Burnside): "You'll need to dig through the metals aisle to find the good stuff—like brass sailboats and anchor pendants."