Kristan Garrett
From Wax On Spa
734 E Burnside

A spa that gives you tequila before ripping out your pubes is a very smart spa. Kris­tan's also smart, and knows some new salon innovations you should try (guys too!):

Brow/lash tinting: "Especially if you dye your hair, your brows have got to match."

Permanent make-up: "Do a light blushing of the cheeks, or even make beauty marks. It can look very natural."

Airbrush tanning: "This isn't the spray-on kind, this is much better and has a more natural color. The technician can even add contour that creates muscles you never knew existed."

Lash extensions: "This is huge in Hollywood, and it's just now come out for us common Portlanders."

Azulene Waxing: "It's an organic low temperature wax that attaches to the hair rather than sticking to the skin."

Mark Pickett
From Revolver Bikes
6509 N Interstate

This bike shop caters to commuter and comfort bikes—for those of us that just need to get there. Mark wants you to know these winter bike tips before you mount:

Wear these fabrics: "Wear a wicking layer (long underwear) next to your skin that absorbs moisture. Patagonia has a great line called Capilene that lasts a really long time."

Take some air out: "Try lowering your tire pressure to the lowest recommended PSI. It helps the grip."

Eat: "In the winter you gotta eat hot food before you go on any long ride. It makes a difference in your core body temperature."

Check batteries: "In the extreme cold, your battery life will drop quicker. You should always have lights, but it's really important in the short daylight hours."

Sport fat tires: "More surface contact area means traction. I know it's heavier, but it's worth the stability."