Betsy Malolepsy
From Betsy's
1115 SE Division

Betsy may be a sweet mommy, but she's no softy about fashion gaffes. She believes rain is no excuse to be going around looking like a fashion don't:

DON'T be Portland casual: "Lose the practical gear, like Patagonia, if you're not mountain climbing. Don't wear it all the time."

DON'T fear the one-piece: "Pantsuits, catsuits, jumpsuits, they all work. People will appreciate your bravery."

DON'T wear boring hats: "Feathers, brooches, or appliqué can make a totally boring hat come alive."

DON'T wear an animal in the rain: "If you're gonna wear fur, be sure to have an umbrella with you. Not only does water ruin it, but it stinks."

DON'T wear sneakers all night: "Have extra shoes with you for when you get to your destination. Puddles shouldn't prevent you from wearing your Ferragamo heels."

Seyta Selter
From Duchess
909 N Beech

This girl packs her store with both Victorian vintage originals and reproductions for girls, but don't go thinking the boys are off the hook. Seyta has some style suggestions that are just for the boys:

DO mix eras: "You can be an era whore, you don't have to just be a swing kid. For instance, guys can wear old western-style pants with a plain T-shirt."

DO wear '70s tweed blazers: "You think they're out, but they're not—and they go with anything. Leather elbow patches are a plus."

DO avoid fleece: "Fleece is all hideous aesthetics. Warmth can be replaced by natural fibers like wool and silk."

DO wear Greek fisherman's caps: "They're that one type of hipster cap with the braid across the front and little brim (like a better version of the newsy cap)."

DO sport an ascot: "Real men wear ascots. Take Prince, Peter O'Toole, and George Washington for example."