John Blasioli

This well-groomed boy cranks out fine-tailored men's clothing for Seaplane and Denwave. You may be fooled by his friendly demeanor, but be advised he does NOT want to see you rocking any of the following:

DON'T get creative with facial hair: "Shave or don't shave. Don't use your follicles for overly groomed artistic expression."

DON'T purposely look trashy: "Tattered versions of nice things are so sad, especially when you're paying extra for extra tears and stains."

DON'T wear baggy jeans with boots: "Make your boot-wearing pants as tapered as you can possibly fit into."

DON'T buy mid-level brands: "Like Diesel and Seven Jeans. You're paying too much for something that's mass-produced."

DON'T pass up local designers for help: "Did you know you can call me up and get personalized jeans made for the same price as Diesels? Also, don't shy from getting your almost-right vintage altered."

Sarah Van Raden & Julie Ann Lovestrand

From Mimi & Lena

1914 NE Broadway

These ladies have been happy to see Portland becoming more fashion savvy, and cordially offer their contributions to the process:

• DO pair a short jacket with a long dress: "Cropped jackets are huge now, and long dresses are big for spring.

• DO wear gold shimmer make-up: "We're going to see more elegant golds that are shimmery, but not sparkly."

DO wear high-waisted pants: "We're veering away from the slouchy, baggy look toward a way more fitted and mod nerd thing."

DO wear sleek glasses: "We're so sick of the thick Poindexter black-rimmed frames."

DO mix the feminine with the masculine: "Men: Don't be afraid of floral prints. Ladies: Don't shy away from tuxedo jackets."