Phil Coleman From Looking Glass Individual Smoking Cessation Counseling

Some say that cigarettes are harder to kick than yayo; that's why there's this guy—a counselor who deals strictly with nic-fitters. These tips go out to the wannabe quitters:

• Don't even think about drinking: "Especially in the first month. You'll lose your discipline before your third Pabst."

• Get professional help: "Like alcoholism, nicotine addiction is a serious problem that can use the assistance of groups, education, and counseling."

• Pick the best time to quit: "Pick a quiet time in your life when quitting can be your number-one priority. Steer clear of time around job changes or shaky relationships."

• Drugs don't work: "Forget patches, Zyban, or even cinnamon sticks. These are only temporary fixes."

• Don't be a non-smoking Nazi: "Punishing your friends ends up punishing you. Understand if they are not ready, and respect their choice to smoke."

Caroline Julia From Viola Viedma

This Jewish rocker teaches Hebrew to young 'uns during the day, rocks in her band Viola Viedma by night, and when it's all said and done, curls up with a good book. Check out her favorite Jewish authors (as well as her very good band):

• Charles Bukowski: "Definitely a disreputable misogynist, but he does have penchant for believable dialogue and sordid scenarios. Reading him is a grim look into the life of a sleazy old man." 

• Bernard Malamud: "He believed that, 'Working alone to create stories is not a bad way to live our loneliness.' Amen to that."

• Allen Ginsberg: "The poem Kaddish contains some of the most powerful words ever written about the loss of someone's mother."

• Woody Allen: "My favorite book of his is Without Feathers. It's a series of short stories and plays from the early '70s. It's classic Woody Allen humor: dark, biting, and unapologetic."