Mikki Spin and Danny Damage From Caught in Candy myspace.com/caughtincandy

This electro-drag duo is fed up with pretenders who call themselves divas these days. Here are their diva album picks from back when real divas roamed the earth, ladies who were lethal and scandalous:

Grace Jones, Nightclubbing: "Her androgynous looks could kill."

Amanda Lear, I Am a Photograph: "Nothing better than Euro-disco with a manly voice. She sing-talks 'cause she can't sing at all."

Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie & The Banshees), JuJu: "Clearly the queen of punk, and an amazing musician."

Dusty Springfield, Dusty in Memphis: "She's got a tortured and gorgeous voice—and she was a 'cutter,' to boot."

Nina Hagen, Nunsexmonkrock: "She had her birthday party at Dante's last year. She's punk East Berlin circa 1970s, and has never really made it big in America. Shame."

Liz Wayne From La Merde 301 SE Morrison

Liz used to work for liquor companies, doing promotions (She got paid to administer booze taste tests!), so she's known her way around a bottle long before she started working at La Merde. Try one of her luxe recommendations:

Mr. Foofy Pants: "This one is made-up, but tell the bartender the ingredients because it's a crazy sweet girly drink: Absolut vanilla, Cointreau, cream, half an orange and lemon, with a touch of Chambord, and add a sugar rim."

Smokey Ketel One martini extra chilled: "The smokiness comes from a splash of Scotch so choose your favorite."

Maker's Mark: "Get it straight, with an Old Rasputin stout. The stout is so rich and creamy it's almost like a meal."

Pernod neat with a water back: "As you drink the Pernod, add sips of water to your liking. It's the traditional French way."

Sidecar with Pierre Ferrand: "It's an old-fashioned and elegant cocktail, but not dessert-y."