Mark Bailey

From Flux Salon

2038 SE Belmont

Mark is someone you might consider listening to when it comes to your hair, and not just because he's a stylist. He actually did the famously petulant Liam Gallagher's hair once, and is still alive to tell the tale. (If it had been Noel, he would have been a goner for sure.)

DO embrace your natural color: "If you have more than three chemical processes on your hair, that's two too many. Straying too far from your natural hair color leads to the Donatella Versace look."

DO switch it up annually: "If you haven't changed your style within 12 months, shoot your stylist."

DO use color meant for you: "If you must color your own hair, buy products targeted toward your hair type and ethnicity."

DO follow these extension rules: "Only extend your hair up to half as long as it is, always use human hair, and never use glue."

DO keep up on light roots: "Dark roots on a blonde are one thing, but blonde roots on a brunette make you look bald and strange."

Breana-Alia Luxa

International Stylist

Breana hops between the East Coast and Japan when she's not at home in Portland, dressing up models and promoting her goth-esque clothing line, darkMATTER. Although Portlanders can't get our hands on her pieces yet, we did squeeze in some precious hair tips:

DON'T use gel: "It's the devil. It's so Vanilla Ice. No one likes crispy hair."

DON'T use arts 'n' craft scissors: "Buy professional shears. It's easier than you might think, and you'll learn something."

DON'T be cheap about product: "Take time to really buy and try the good products. Bedhead by TIGI is a great line to start with. The After-Party and Manipulator are my favorites—they'll be your friends for life."

DON'T wash: "If you know you have a special event coming up, don't wait till that day to wash your hair. Do it two days before. No coif you've ever loved is freshly washed."