Who the frig is Podington Bear? I don't know the answer to that question. As far as what Podington Bear is, it's the name (pseudonym?) of an anonymous electronic musician who has posted three songs a week on his blog for the past year. Podington Bear is based here in Portland and is apparently very savvy with new web media and technology. The site is an excellent example of how best to use the tools of the internet to distribute music.

As for the music itself, it's cuddly, friendly, innocuous, nearly-ambient music constructed entirely with synthesizers. It's kind of like library music, or museum music, if that makes any sense. It's sort of beige. But pleasant. You can check out an MP3 below. A ten-disc box set collection of tracks posted on the blog has just been issued, as well as a stand-alone album called The End. There are a couple theories floating around as to whether Podington Bear is an alter-ego of a known Portland musician. I'm not sure if I buy that; three songs a week, and maintaining a blog, is a lot of work without a simultaneous above-ground career. Anyway, check out the blog. It's got lots of pictures of cats.

Podington Bear - Ebullience