New kids on the local music block (also know as NKOTLMB to savvy tweens), Sabertooth have announced that they have signed to the local Arena Rock label (Talkdemonic, Swords Project) .

Clearly influenced by those trendsetters at Fred Meyer, the September release of their debut recording, Old Days and the Island, will be absolutely loaded with vinyl. In one package there will be a 12" LP, plus a bonus 10" (that's 22" if you are keeping track at home), and—since they dedicated to giving you as much media as possible—a CD as well. Wow, that is a lot of music. Why not just cram a cassingle in there as well? Anyway, here is an exclusive song from the record, or the 10", or the CD:

Sabertooth - Another Chance

The band just might be debuting tracks from that upcoming release tonight as they perform at the "Amigos" benefit at Holocene. Funds from the show are headed to The Affected and La Isla Foundation, two great organizations dedicated to stopping mean 'ole agrichemical companies from poisoning indigent farm workers in Central America.

Sabertooth perform at Holocene tonight, alongside Reporter, Point Juncture, WA, Tractor Operator, and Hutch & Kathy. $5-10 sliding scale.

Photo: Tom Oliver