Another Mercury music section to read while you crack open a sixer of Drank, the world's greatest ("popular in Houston") anti-energy drink. I prefer my sizzurp in a Dixie cup, thank you very much.

Another damn article about local singers and WWII battle tanks. What, no room to cram in a mention of the mighty M4 Sherman? I swear, when will this madness end? No, seriously, Matt Sheehy's new album, Tigerphobia, is absolutely stunning and more powerful than a Panzer II rolling into Czechoslovakia. Damn, did it again.
Matt Sheehy - About Piano

Despite what you might think about Eugene hiphop—put your didgeridoo in the air and wave it like you got dreaded hairAnimal Farm are here to take you to school. What school? I dunno, probably some sort of school that has to do with hiphop.
Animal Farm - Ragtime Gal

Sure, Times New Viking's sugary dose of rapid-fire garage punk is all the rage right now, but what about my font-themed band, Times New Roman? We wrote a record about kerning. Come on people, it's kerning! You try designing without a well-kerned typeface. Amateurs.
Times New Viking - Come Together

All hail the instrumental glory of Russian Circles, and never mind what Maynard James has to say about the band. I've had boxed wine better than the swill he makes. Oh, and his bands suck too.
Russian Circles - Youngblood

Matt Sheehy photo: Alicia J. Rose