(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) Portland power pop trio Derby celebrates the release of its second album, Posters Fade, with an all-local, all-pop, pseudo-all-star bill at the Wonder. It’s a big event, and a big deal for a band that’s been slogging away for some time, developing strong songs and serious chops. And yeah, if ever a band were ready to leap into the mainstream, it’s Derby. A few short years ago, one would say their shiny pop rock is radio-friendly, but with radio having completely disappeared up its own ass, it’s nowadays more accurate to say Derby is ready for soundtrack placement on your favorite ABC hour-long drama. This shouldn’t change the fact that Posters Fade offers genuine pop pleasures, in the manner of Sloan or the Monkees, and that their live show is crisp, powerful, and rockin’. NED LANNAMANN

Derby - All Or Nothing

Photo: Alexis Achten