Local label Hush Records has gone global. No longer just releasing local artists—or every single band Dave Depper plays in—the label's quest for (quiet) global domination marches on with the singing of Rauelsson, from Castellón, Spain.

Well, sort of.

The artist is an "adopted Oregonian" who spends time here, but admitting that would totally discount my whole Hush-world-takeover intro, so for the sake of this blog post (and an affront to the standards of journalist excellence... hahaha, oh man, sorry, I started laughing while typing that) let's just say that Rauelsson lives near the fjords of Castellón (I'm terrible at geography) and has never heard of Oregon.

Moving on.

Hush is releasing a pair of Rauelsson EPs this Summer, entitled Tiempo De and Pacífico, both of which showcase the gentle mix of soft melodies (en (español) and gorgeous instrumentation. Of course, since this is a Hush release, you can expect cameos from the likes of Laura Gibson, Loch Lomond's Ritchie Young, and tons more. And if Dave Depper is not this record, I owe him a tapas dinner.

Here is a video for "Cazadores de Tornados."

Nice video, it looks just like this totally awesome Portland summer weather we've been having.