(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) I sort of hate it when kids get it right at such an early age. I think of how little I did at 19 and then realize that Annuals' frontman Adam Baker, at the same age, was busying completing Be He Me, their excellent Ace Fu debut. That record is a beast of riotous fun, sounding like Sufjan Stevens alongside Broken Social Scene, which is why it's no surprise they quickly became critical darlings in no time at all. Their live show is a thing of legend, chockfull of youthful exuberance and a six-piece band that constantly switches instruments. Yep, the kids are indeed all right, and I'm pretty jealous.

The first 1:40 of this video for "Brother" paints Annuals as just another precious indie band. Don't buy it. Wait for the second half where the band performs live-ish, nearly bursting at the seams, spazzing out and rocking hard. Jesus these kids bring it, and Holocene is surely going to feel their ruckus tonight.

Wait, what's that? You, like members of this band are or just recently were, aren't of a legal drinking age? Don't fret. The band plays an all ages set at Music Millennium on E Burnside for free at 6:30pm. Everybody wins!

Along with the free aforementioned Music Millennium show, Annuals play Holocene tonight with A Weather and Musee Mecanique.