"Every other band was on stage because they wanted to be rock stars, this lot was on stage because they had no fucking choice."

Hot damn, this new Joy Division documentary (creatively titled Joy Division) looks splendid.

But, wait, wasn't there already a Joy Division documentary that was just released? No, that was Control, which was a movie about the band. That was great and all, but no actor in the world can do that spazzy-rigid-flopping-fish-dance like Ian Curtis could.

No word on a Portland screening, but the DVD is supposed to be released on the 17th of this month, so you can just hold one at your house. And invite me.

Coming up next: The Joy Division Pixar kids movie. I heard Cameron Diaz has signed on to do the voice of Annik Honoré, who will be illustrated as a panda. A seductive panda.