Remember when My Bloody Valentine was dead, and a Kevin Shields influence was novel? The Warlocks sounded good last year with Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, but this was before an MBV reunion was certain. "The Valley of Death" and "Moving Mountains" evoked Loveless by breaking apart peaks of hardened love-song syrup with overdriven, psychedelic rattle. Now that we can hear Loveless live (if we want to spring for airfare), the allure of the Warlocks is beginning to fade. Luckily, "So Paranoid" and "Slip Beneath" are more Brian Jonestown Massacre than MBV—janglier than your average MBV mindmelt, but no less transcendent. MIKE MEYER

I always thought the Warlocks did "drug rock" better than anyone else, and I loved the Warlocks' first self-titled EP from 2000 (especially "Song for Nico"), thinking it was their high-water mark until I heard "It's Just Like Surgery" from 2005's Surgery. Sounding like a '60s three-chord cherry-pop A-side amped up far beyond Jesus & Mary Chain levels of fuzz happy bliss-out, it's the kind of song that I would play as loud as humanly possible. The YouTube clip above, coming out of tiny computer speakers, probably isn't going to cut it. So to get the whole idea, you're going to want to go to the live show tonight. There are also a ton of songs posted on their website, so if you want some Warlock fixin', head over there.

The Warlocks open for the Black Angels tonight at the Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $12