While I didn't attend last year's 3900' Festival (the "Two Day Overnight Music Festival Celebrating the West's Best Indie Music"), I heard great things about the setting (Horning's Hideout) which made for a lovely weekend of local music.

But the organizers of the festival need your help, according to this email from the folks at Tender Loving Empire:

The festival is at risk of not happening unless we all buy tickets by Wednesday so the fine folks at Union Records can pay for everything in advance. Festivals are expensive to throw...and soooo much fun!

Agreed. Festivals are fun, but they are also damn expensive to promote. Perhaps this is the reason why the 3900' Festival's tickets are a bit pricey—$53 (or $75 if you wait until the 15th of this month) for both days—especially with a lineup that features a great selection of local music, but no huge headlining acts. Granted, the ticket price does include camping/parking and a 15% donation to the PRA, but even an event like MusicFest NW (which surely benefits from deeper pockets and larger sponsors) costs less (I believe it's $50) for larger bands and twice as many days of music. Of course, comparing festivals is irrelevant, but this does raise the point of what an uphill battle it must be to plan something so large, extensive, and, of course, so expensive.

Tickets to the 3900' Festival are available online and at the Tender Loving Empire retail store (NW 18th & Lovejoy).

Full band lineup after the jump.

The Mercury Tree/ The Quick and Easy Boys/ Outpost/ Trip Like Animals/ Jared Mees/ the Royal Houser/ Two Loons for Tea/ Power of County/ Ian Moore/ Kublakai/ Reverse Dotty & the Candy Cane Shivs

Imaginary Airship/ Acoustic Minds/ Little Beirut/ Broadband Shortwave/ Professor Gall/ Ah Holly Family/ Nick Caceres/ Kurt Hagardorn/ Sterilize Stereo/ Paper Brain/ the Skinnyz/ the Wherewithals/ No Go Know/ Finn Riggins/ Ohioan & the Native Kin/ Echo Helstrom/ the Kindness Kind/ the Ascetic Junkies/ McDougall/ Mantis/ Double Plus Good