When The Organ released Grab That Gun in 2004, I disliked them. Not to say that I thought they were bad, necessarily. I just didn't enjoy that record, and thought it was incredibly over-hyped.

I was an idiot in 2004.

Grab That Gun is a brilliant record, one that I find myself putting on again and again, and enjoying more and more with each listen. Of all the retro new-wave that flooded the indie scene in the early part of this decade, The Organ stand heads above most everyone. Sadly, they called it quits in 2006, and, like all tragic love stories, I didn't know what I had till it was gone.

Well, the band is back! Sort of. I guess. They are releasing a six song EP via Mint Records, entitled Thieves, that is comprised of tracks that were supposed to be on their follow-up record that eventually got scrapped. However, not content to release the songs as demo-versions or whatever they were, the band got back together in the studio last year to rerecord the tracks just for this EP.

So that means they kind of reunited, right? That means a tour can't be that far away, right? RIGHT?!

(HT: Brooklyn Vegan)