Alright. So it's Friday afternoon and hot as a motherfucker out. But maybe you're still stuck at work. Hopefully there's air conditioning. And hey, if you are in front of the damn computer screen, at least you're not missing out on soaking up some Vitamin D on a patio somewhere with a cocktail in your hand--it's fucking grey out. So what. Whatever.
For those of you counting down those last few minutes of the work week, I've got a sweet little time-waster for you. Because, let's face it--by Friday afternoon you've exhausted all the websites you read, passing time on the company dollar. Here's a sweet little sonnofabitch that oughta be good for a few more minutes:

It's got a bunch of Spirtualized videos, past and present, to promote the new album and tour--a tour which aint coming to Portland, goddamnit. But this site is a whole lot better than the usual promotional schlock. Motherfucker is high-tech and high-fi--so much so it choked my poor G4 to death in full-screen mode. But it's a pretty thing. And while were on the topic, Spirtualized's sustained graphic motif's throughout the years are pretty admirable as well.

Anyway, if you're watching the clock, I hope this'll help jump those little hands forward. Salud.