A lot has been made of the recent AP piece on how the gas price increase is effecting the wallets of touring musicians. The article points out that a west coast trip will cost a band about $2500, which is just downright insane. Portland's very own Ken Cheppaikode (of Dirtnap Records and the Green Noise shop on Clinton) is quoted as well:

"We do have two bands, The Revisions and The Estranged, out on tour together right now who have decided to share a van to save on gas costs," said Ken Cheppaikode, who operates Dirtnap Records, a Portland, Oregon, independent label and record shop.

The O ran a similar piece last week, and theirs touches on local band Blind Pilot who toured via bicycle. Not a bad idea, but this coming from the guy who gets winded just watching Rad. I know Nick Jaina once toured via Greyhound, I wonder if any other band has used other methods? Hot air balloon? Segway?