(The Artistery, 4315 SE Division) Thanksgiving is the primary moniker of Adrian Orange, who, in addition to Thanksgiving, has a dizzying number of additional projects, styles, and undertakings. As Thanksgiving, Orange takes a turn that puts lilting, folk-based songwriting first, immediately recalling Will Oldham or Bill Callahan, but stretching further to something akin to outsider art. There's a lot more to love about Orange, whose musical range also includes the instrumental Watery Graves, and the co-founding of one of Portland's finest records labels (Marriage Records). If there's anything to complain about, it might be a wish for him to sit still a minute and enjoy one project more fully before bouncing to the next. But it's a selfish complaint, and if an artist of his profile can still take the time to play the Artistery, I'm all for shutting my trap and letting him do whatever he damn well pleases. HANNAH CARLEN

Adrian Orange - "While You Live"