Everyone's favorite stab-happy doll, Chucky, turns 20 this year. And to think, one more year until he can legally drink. Good for him.

In case you forgot the complicated plot of the first Child's Play (I'm not even going to get into all the sequels, like when Chucky goes into "tha hood" or outer space. Oh wait, wrong franchise.), here it is:

Child's Play follows the aftermath of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who after being mortally wounded by police, barricades himself in a toy store and uses an ancient ritual to transfer his spirit into the must-have toy of the year.

What "must-have toy" is he in? Elmo? Furby? Nintendo Wii? Dude better not be hiding in my copy of Wii Fit.

Anyway, the film's 20th anniversary release features all sorts of whistles and bells (the Evil Comes in Small Packages documentary and some thing called "Select Scene Chucky Commentary") but what it does not have is any mention of Bushwick Bill's fantastic "Child's Play."

Headphones on, that video is NSFW.

Bushwick, the Chucky-obsessed diminutive Geto Boys rapper, related to Child's Play (also see his "Chuckwick" song) the same way that every single other hiphop star relates to the film Scarface. Except I don't remember Tony Yayo ever carrying a Tony Montana doll onstage with him. Then again, Bushwick can't touch this guy--the world's creepiest Chucky fan.