Anne Adams, who you might know as the lovely pixie-like lady who performs her breezy folk-pop songs—sometimes alone, and sometimes with other musicians—as Per Se, announced yesterday that she has dropped the moniker Per Se, and is now Grey Anne. Says Adams in her official announcement:

Google "Per Se," and you get every essay ever written, plus an album by that name.

Google "Per Se + Anne Adams," and you get me, plus every scholarly essay written by an Anne Adams—of whom there are many. (I wonder why all the Anne Adamses go into advanced academia? Probably the alphabetical power of suggestion inspires all their professors to give them A-grades. I know it worked for me.)

Anyway, there are obviously too many fish in the Per Se pond. So, despite a casual attraction to Latin, and a deep appreciation for the type of analytical thought that usually accompanies the phrase, I feel the need to move away from "Per Se." Various brand-new techno bands, I'm gradually ceding our moniker to your care.

I have chosen to go by "Grey Anne," not only because it evokes pigeons, cobblestones, and foggy morality, but because I was called that as a kid. My sister's name is "Grace," and my mom would so frequently start to say her name and quickly correct to mine, that the effect was "Grey-Anne." It was how I was casually known in the neighborhood. So, I'm used to it, and I think it will work for me. Also, now that the project's more solo... it's not a band, Per Se.

Per Se Grey Anne has a new forthcoming album called Facts 'n' Figurines, which is mixed, mastered, and has an undisclosed release date at this time. Adams passed along a sneak peak track from Facts 'n' Figurines for you to check out.

Grey Anne - Last Call