And by "star" I mean an "extra." Whatever, you gotta start your Hollywood career somewhere, might as well be in a video from one of Portland's finest bands. Starfucker is holding a casting call, does this describe you?

Casting Men and Women in a music video for the band Starfucker. Especially looking to cast 3 caucasian, slender men height 5'9" to 6'0" and pant size 30 to 32 waist.
Please appear to be ages 18 to 30.
Bring two changes of clothes and accessories.
Be dressed for a summer night and going to a show of a hipster/edgy/popular/indie portland band.
Be fashionable and look sharp - this is a music video!
Wear dark colors - black - as a base color. Add accessories in solid colors or subtle prints. (orange, blue, green and pink are ok. no red or strips)

Strips? You mean stripes? No red stripes? Well, this guy is out.