(Roseland, 8 NW 6th) 'Tis the season for the big metal festivals, and as usual with these sorts of things, Portland gets the shaft. (You haven't lived until you've tumbled down a hill during "Run to the Hills.") Tonight's show is an off-date miniaturization of the Mayhem Festival, a Warped Tour spin-off hoping to fill the void left by the currently non-touring Ozzfest. Headliners Mastodon, for all their manimal brusqueness, are trigonometric whizzes who delight in plopping instrumental zigzags between verse and chorus. On top of old Blood Mountain, they sound like Marnie Stern and Zach Hill making metal with session vocalist Bigfoot. Black Tide are a thrash-revival mistake: an Accept tribute band without Accept covers. Machine Head have played Portland at least 300 times in the last two years. Why not Slipknot? We'd at least see the new masks. MIKE MEYER


Mastodon - "The Wolf Is Loose"