Oh Hot Damn! This is a good one, Jack: King Khan and the Shrines, Saturday at Dante's. No fucking joke--the real deal. These players are hot as shit!

Really, how often do you get to see an 11-piece band, complete with horn section, just Tearing through ferocious garage/soul numbers? Sharon Jones' Dap Kings are as close as I believe Portland has come in a long time, but it's really a different deal (where Jones is all heart, the Shrines are more gut, cock and balls.)

This show is Not To Be Missed.

Check out the fabulous single, "Welfare Bread," which is just the begining:

There's also this video, complete with Jack Off Host (but there is some decent live footage):

For more, check out my feature, Rolling Thunger, from this week's print edition, and jam a few more tracks at the band's myspace. Then when Saturday comes around, you'll be all keyed up for the revival... Amen, Motherfuckers!