This made me smile. From a MySpace blog post entitled "Getting more out of your Titus Andronicus seven inch":

If you were among those who purchased Titus Andronicus' recent seven inch from Troubleman Unlimited, by now you are probably saying, "I am bored with this stupid seven inch. Two songs? That's hardly anything. Fuck these guys." Well, what you didn't realize is that there are two secret songs hiding there for you. They have the same chord progressions and lyrics as the other two, but they are way slower and sung by a guy with a way deeper voice than mine. Yes, I am talking about the same record spun at 33 1/3 RPM rather than the recommended 45 RPM. It is way better that way, believe me, and it should go a long way to dispelling any rumors that we are not heavily influenced by Galaxie 500. Try it out for yourself and see if you don't agree.
Hee hee. I remember listening to my friend's copy of Paul Simon's Graceland on 45 rpm. The weird rapid bass lick at the end of "I Know What I Know" had us in stitches. Also, Neu's third album recycled the same track, played back at various speeds, when the band ran out of money to record new songs.

Anyway, here's a clip of Titus Andronicus in action. They'll be here July 30th to play a show at Holocene, and you'll be hearing plenty more about that soon.