Was anybody at the King Khan & the Shrines show at Dante's on Saturday? How crazy was that?

First of all, the opening act didn't hit the stage until midnight, and they sucked, so by the time Khan hit the stage, everybody was good and drunk and beyond ready. Lots of douche-nozzles in the crowd. People were spitting beer, throwing cans; Khan frequently told folks in the audience to knock it off. There was a cheerleader onstage dancing to all the songs, and Khan was adamant (in a gentlemanly sort of way) that nobody throw anything onstage for fear of hitting the lady. It didn't stop anybody.

Things got weirder. At one point, a big longhaired ass-hat (probably 6'4", 250 lbs) started moshing in the crowd, throwing people around and just being a dick. He was the only one, and Khan gestured for him to come up close to the stage. As soon as he got within reach, Khan decked him. At least, I saw him swing; Rob says he landed the punch, but I couldn't see for sure. Anyway, security quickly came along and got rid of the toolbox.

And things got weirder. Dead Moon drummer Andy Loomis came out right before "Welfare Bread." "You know a little something about welfare, don't you, Andy?" said Khan. All of a sudden, the cheerleader looked incredibly angry and stormed off the stage. It's all a little hazy, I admit. Did Loomis say something to her? Or do something to her? Am I remembering it wrong? What the fuck was happening at that show? I thought Portland had reasonably high proportion of cool people in its population--why were there so many douchebags?

As much as I love that King Khan record, I have to say the music, and the show, suffered from all the craziness. It stopped being fun and eventually just became uncool. But I still don't feel like I knew what the hell was going on. What did you guys see?