Straight from the Land Of No Shame, rapper Supreme, aka the dude who got absolutely slaughtered by the Notorious B.I.G. in the classic freestyle clip above, is suing documentary filmmakers for using the clip without his permission. The reason? From the New York Post:

"William Troy McClune, who goes by the name "Supreme," claims he was dissed by Rugged Entertainment in the 2007 film "Notorious B.I.G. Bigger Than Life."

McClune suffered "irreparable harm, mental distress and disturbance of his peace of mind" because shots of him freestyling with Biggie in 1994 were used in the flick, according to the suit."

Personally, I think getting beat by Biggy should be worn like a badge of courage, not hung around your neck like an albatross. "Disturbance of his peace of mind"? Twenty million? Is this guy for real? B.I.G. was one of the best of all time, Supreme isn't, end of story. If anything, this clip should have made him try that much harder to perfect his game, but judging by the fact that I had never heard the name Supreme until today, something tells me that wasn't the case.

Can I sue Supreme for making me cover this story? The "mental distress" I've suffered, thinking about how much of a whiner this guy is, has to be worth at least, what, two beers? If he's suing for twenty million, I think ten bucks or so isn't that unreasonable a number.