Has all this hubbub about Hush Records' ten year anniversary piqued your interest for the local label? But you're not sure where to start with a catalog that deep, plus you're afraid to ask your local indie hipster for fear that they'll silently judge you?

Well, pal, you are in luck.

Hush has just offered up DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation. 28 tracks from the past decade, totally free for you to download (with an impressive 30+ pages of artwork), and the majority of the songs are unreleased. Again, it's all for free. So if you are the casual fan, or you secretly are stalking Hush owner Chad Crouch, this is a golden opportunity to procure a bevy of free (and quality) music.

Track listing after the jump.

End Hits: We like the Fun With Friends "Song #4" song best.

DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation

"Hollow Notes" - Novi Split
"Refining" - Peter Broderick
"Come By Storm" - Laura Gibson
"The Afterlife Pt. I" - Run On Sentence
"Winding Sheet" - Nick Jaina
"Coo Coo Bird" - Shelley Short
"Hiding Home" - Norfolk & Western
"Spring Bird" - Rauelsson
"Space And All Dead Things" - Corrina Repp
"Elephants & Little Girls" - Loch Lomond
"Sharra" - Kaitlyn Ni Donovan
"Wii Oui" - Podington Bear
"Broke Down" - Amy Annelle
"The Wagoner's Lad" - Colin Meloy

"Song # 4" - Fun With Friends
"Petting Zoo" - Graves
"Your Smile" - Fancie
"Ridin' For A Fall" (Young Dub) - Bobby Birdman
"These Blues" - Super XX Man
"Egg Hunt" - Reclinerland
"Asleep At The Wheel" - Casey Dienel
"The Bane Of Progress" - Jeff London
"Flight Cub" - Velella Velella
"Oh Darlin" - Blanket Music
"Big Eye City" - Operacycle
"Elysian Fields (We're Dead, We're Dead)" - Parks & Recreation
"Humm-na" - Dat'r
"Sleep At Last!" (Live) - Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble