The always awesome Daytrotter went and blew my mind this morning, offering up four nuggets from one of my favorites, the equally as awesome Bodies of Water.

Below is "A Certain Feeling," a track from their soon to be released album of the same name. It's a somber, rollicking affair, and not quite the euphoric explosion of four people shouting that is what they are commonly known for. It's one of the better songs off the new record (which, btw, is absolutely incredible), and it sees the band really shining, from the great guitar playing to the vocal harmonies to the stoner-y drum beat. This band really is remarkable, managing to ape gospel, stoner rock, and twee at the same time, but the subtle nuances often get lost behind their wall of Arcade Fire-esque excitement. This specific live track is a nice stripped and slowed look at the band doing something not turned up to eleven, and the result is pretty damn fantastic.

Bodies of Water will be playing Portland real soon as a part of the ridiculously stacked Musicfest NW lineup. As somebody who saw the band, oh, about five times in two months, I highly suggest penciling in their show as one to not be missed.


Bodies of Water - "A Certain Feeling" (Live on Daytrotter)