After 19 years, a longtime staple of the punk scene is shutting down...

The End of an Era.

Today I am sad to announce that Profane Existence Records will immediately stop production on all upcoming releases not currently in the manufacturing process. This decision was a long time in the making and was the result of several years of struggling to make ends meet. Increased pressing, printing and shipping costs--combined with a recent sharp decline in sales--have made it all but impossible for Profane Existence Records to maintain financial self-sufficiency and independence. With no signs of improvement in sight, and all our financial resources exhausted, there is really no choice but to pull the plug once and for all.

The magazine and distro will still continue, just the label is folding at the present time. If you grew up with their epic back catalog of punk releases (including the recent Resist anthology), or only know them from that one Hold Steady reference ("When we hit the Twin Cities, I didn't know that much about it/I knew Mary Tyler Moore and I knew Profane Existence"), the label (with their motto of "100% Middle-Finger-In-The-Air D.I.Y. Punk Rock") was a vital landmark of punk rock in America.