[My ongoing contention that End Hits needs a feminine touch lost some urgency after Indie Pop Cat Week, but I still feel somewhat obligated to put my blogging where my vagina is, or... something, so here.]

I'm not actually drunk. But I was very drunk* at the free Matt Sheehy/Ryan Dolliver show at Holocene last night, which is why I can tell you little about it other than that:

Matt thinks the Slow Burger is the best in town. Drummer Drew Shoals, who is unfortunately (for Portland) moving to New York to go to school in a month, prefers the burger at the 5th Quadrant. I think that's ridiculous.

Sheehy played a bunch of tracks off of his excellent Tigerphobia. "Go Missing" and "About Piano" killed it. Unlike his Doug Fir CD release show, there was no fake campfire--and no cricket clickers!--just Matt and Drew, with Dolliver sitting in for a song.

Dolliver's set struck me as kinda goofy, but the rest of the crowd seemed dance-y and happy, so far be it from me to hate.

*If we spoke at any point last night: I apologize.

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