The Joggers have always been one of those underdog local bands that never seemed to get their due here in Portland, or elsewhere for that matter. Yet, they were on a established label, had a booking agent, went on some hotshot tours, and seemed like they were on the cusp of breaking through. It never really happened, and now the band--with their jangling post-prog-whatever instrumentation and quirky harmonies --is in a bit of a holding pattern.

I asked Ben Whitesides of the band about this:

We honestly don't know what we're doing right now. I think we're in a recession. There's some talk of recording a few more newish tunes on the super-cheap and putting something out with some of those "Tour Jamz" CD-R tracks, but we don't know. We haven't been speaking to any labels, and no labels have been speaking with us.

You hear that labels? Speak to the Joggers! Like, now. Kickstart their 'lil rock and roll hearts, because a world without the Joggers isn't a world worth living in.


The Joggers - "Golden Wage"

The Joggers perform tonight at East End (203 SE Grand), with Panther and DJ Magic Beans.