In doing some research for a future issue of the paper, I stumbled upon this video from the zebra-print loving fellows in U-Krew. Probably best know for being the first local R&B/hiphop act to have success outside Portland--long before Cool Nutz, Lifesavas, or Sandpeople--the U-Krew (formerly the Untouchable Krew) released a lone major label release (1989's The U-Krew.) which delivered some chart success for the new jack swing style of their lead single, "If U Were Mine." Granted, it hasn't aged too well (at least the video hasn't, with its dated fashion sense and heavy use of the majestic instrument known as the keytar), but I have fond memories of dancing the Cabbage Patch to this song with my girlfriend during prom*.

* Full disclosure: My girlfriend was Canadian, I met her at camp, and you definitely do not know her. And by "prom," I really mean alone in my bedroom in front of a mirror. While crying.